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Léna Cabrera (France, International Student)

Carrying out my Erasmus mobility semester at Ispgaya in Portugal was a superb experience! From the living environment that Porto / Vila Nova de Gaia offers us with their gardens; Jardim do Morro, Jardins do Palácio de Cristal, ... Their beaches; Praia de Cabedelo, for surfing in Matosinhos, ... These are cities where life is good, where you feel good. ISPGAYA is a university where the teachers are attentive to the students, always ready to help us and accommodating! I highly recommend it to students who wish to make a successful mobility abroad!

Sérgio Soares (Portugal, ISPGAYA student)

The Erasmus + experience, in my view, is being very positive in several aspects, not only because it is a country with a different culture, but also because the work methodologies are different from those we encounter in Portugal. People are generous, it is very easy to communicate. Undoubtedly, this is an experience that is enriching my journey a lot, I highly recommend this Erasmus option!

Andriy Danylyuk (Portugal, ISPGAYA student)

My experience with the Erasmus + project is very positive. The company I am interning at provides consulting services to ABB, which is known worldwide. The culture of the Swedish people is a friendly one, both inside and outside of work. The work pace is relatively different to the one we encounter in Portugal, it is very calm. The internship itself is exceeding my expectations, it really is what I would like to continue doing for my next years.


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